How are we making a difference?

Support Groups

Our on-line closed support group is made up of an amazing circle of baby loss families waiting to surround grieving parents in love and support. Not only is SOBBS a safe place for families to mourn, grieve, honor, share, cry, vent and to begin to heal after stillbirth but also a place to connect with other parents who have walked this sad and sometimes lonely path.

Shattering the Silence

We are dedicated to shattering the silence surrounding stillbirth by empowering, educating and illuminating this tragedy. Through our various support and awareness campaigns we will continue to break down barriers and empower families to talk about their experiences. Talking not only illuminates but also educates and great things happen when a community is empowered.

Monthly Projects

Our monthly healing projects are designed to give parents who have lost a child a chance to reflect, mourn, honor and heal through a creative outlet. These monthly healing projects provide a place for open discussion among those who have lost. During these projects our participants create an incredible bonds with others from the community that help them on their journey of healing.

Our Mission

Stories of Babies Born Still is a non-profit organization dedicated to the empowerment, education, and illumination of this tragic reality so many families have experienced. We seek to shatter the silence by telling our stories and giving a face to those who have walked this path. We strive to promote awareness through meaningful programs that educate, advocate and give our families the power to make a difference. We believe that all babies that were born still were still born and we encourage our members to carry that torch for their precious children whether their loss was yesterday or many years in the past. Together we can heal. Together we can make a difference. Together we can shatter the silence.

Recent Projects


CuddleCot Campaign

Infant death is a harsh reality we cannot prevent and we cannot always foresee. When parents are forced to say good-bye so shortly after hello, every minute matters. Would you help us give the gift of time to grieving parents nationwide? Please visit our CuddleCot project page for more information.


October Healing Project

October is Pregnancy and infant loss awareness month. In honor of this month many a flame will burn across the globe in memory of babies who have gone to the angels. By lighting a candle not only do you honor someone in their passing, but you also have made a special place in your own memory for them.


Hospital Packets

For each band ordered you help place one into a hospital maternity ward, funeral home or doctors office around the globe. To date we have placed over 3500 bands all 50 states and 5 countries. Together we shall shatter the silence by empowering, education and illuminating the tragedy of pregnancy, infant and child loss.


Terminology Restructure

The Compassionate Terminology Restructure Project Project is an effort to make medical staff aware of certain situations in a hospital relating to stillbirth. Stickers will soon be available for medical charts, doctors offices and nursing staff that will help put the humanity back in the vocabulary of our medical professionals.

You Can Help

Stories of Babies Born Still is an offical non-profit that needs your donations to make a difference in the lives of families affected by this terrible tragedy. Every penny counts and all of the donations go towards helping those who have lost.

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